Workplace Nutrition Programmes

For many years the workplace has been the place we spent most of our time. Yet in spite of this, very little attention is often paid to the health and wellbeing of employees.

However, this is changing and attitudes are changing too. Companies are realising that to keep moving forward in a competitive, busy marketplace it needs to retain the skills of its workforce. Career progression opportunities are only part of the answer – looking after the employee as a whole person is key to retaining people.

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Nutrition at Work

Helping people to stay healthy by making choices that are right for them is key to our workplace nutrition programmes. Our ‘Feel Great Programme’ looks at helping employees to make more informed decisions about what they eat. For example, we look at;

  • balancing carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre
  • portion control
  • the importance of timing
  • hydration

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    What our Clients Think

    We had lots of positive feedback and therefore proved to be a very successful day. One member of staff thought it was one of the best events the Company had organised.
    Euler Hermes

    As part of these programmes, we can provide a series of events and seminars, as well as health screening checks for employees. Your employees can also access this information in short video clips, available online at our website.

    We take a holistic approach to workplace nutrition and can tailor the content of the Feel Great programme for your team, whether big or small. Using a mix of workshops, workplace events, health checks and screenings, we also provide an extensive range of online video resources to supplement the nutrition at work programme and help keep your team’s healthy eating plans on track. With our innovative Feel Great nutrition programme, you are also supporting all of your team to make the right healthy choices that not only benefit their work but also their everyday life.

    Why choose a nutrition programme?

    Investing in the health and wellbeing of all your employees makes really good business sense. People perform at their best when they are healthy, motivated and feel they are valued at work. If you are looking to support and motivate your team by investing in their overall wellbeing in the workplace, then one of The Natural Alternative’s workplace nutrition programmes is for you.

    Equipping your workforce with the essential know-how to improve their health through good nutrition at work and at home is an effective way to retain your employees and boost their productivity.

    Our Feel Great workplace nutrition programme aims to empower the employee to make more informed healthy choices about the food they eat and to give them the confidence to make changes that are right for them.

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    Long-lasting benefits

    Supporting employees to make healthy food choices has many long-lasting benefits, not least in their energy and motivation levels as well as their overall workplace productivity. A healthier attitude towards food amongst your workforce can also reduce sickness and have a positive impact on the number of work days lost each year due to ill health.

    Our workplace nutrition programmes help to make long-lasting attitude changes by exploring just how poor food choices can negatively impact on your overall health and wellbeing. By empowering your team to make the right diet choices, both at home and at work, our Feel Great nutrition programme can help to create new healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime.

    And one thing is for sure – good levels of health and wellbeing across your workforce means happier, healthier and more motivated employees that will ultimately have a positive effect on the overall productivity of your business.

    Easier, simpler and more effective

    With our Feel Great programme, looking after your employees is now easier and simpler without a large cost burden on employer or employee.

    To find out more how our Feel Great Program could work for your employees please contact us on 0844 870 0741 or click the button below