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Workplace Nutrition ProgrammesWorkplace health nutrition programmes

The workplace has for a long time been the place we spent most of our time and yet in spite of this, very little attention was paid to the health and wellbeing of employees.

This is changing and attitudes are changing too. Companies are realising that to keep moving forward in a competitive, busy marketplace it needs to retain the skills of its workforce.

Career progression opportunities are only part of the answer – looking after the employee as a whole person is key to retaining people.

What's involved in our Workplace nutrition programmes

Helping people to stay healthy by making choices that are right for them is key to our workplace nutrition programmes.

Our ‘Feel Great Programme’ looks at helping employees to make more informed decisions about what they eat.

For example, we look at;

As part of these programmes, we can provide a series of events and seminars, as well as health screening checks for employees. Your employees can also access this information in short video clips, available online at our website.

Easier, simpler and more effective


With our Feel Great programme, looking after your employees is now easier and simpler without a large cost burden on employer or employee.

To find out more how our Feel Great Program could work for your employees please contact us 0844 870 0741.