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Wellbeing Events

wellbeingHealth and wellbeing is important for your employees - the happier, fitter and more active your employees are, the more productive they will be. 

With our health and wellbeing events, your employees will be informed and educated about making small changes to their day that will have the biggest impacts.

Our health and wellbeing events are tailored specifically for your employees. This is because every business is different and every one of us is different too.

Affordable wellbeing events

From our lunchtime semimars to half or full-day events, we have the right package for your employees and your budget.


Choose from over 20 health topics (click on Seminars in toolbar above to see list of subjects). Each seminar/workshop is 45mins and unlimited number in the audience.

Health checks / screenings:

Includes; cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, BMI, & waist:hip ratio. 10 & 15min appointments. Employees leave with their results. Complementary management report provided.

Taster Table:

The perfect solution for employees who struggle to leave their desk or who are unable to take full lunch breaks. Based on the popular theme 'delicious & health breakfasts and snacks', employees are encouraged to sample foods provided by the Nutritionist to encourage eating a little healthier to improve their energy & concentration throughout the day.

Nutrition advice:

Individual consultations with our Nutritionist (normally 20-30mins). Employees are encouraged to bring a 2-3 day food diary to assist the Nutritionist in helping the employee achieve their objective e.g. improved energy, weight management, insomnia, reduced cholesterol, diabetes, skin conditions, migraines etc...

Heart, liver, lung event:

Focusing on heart health, alcohol and smoking cessation. These themes are always popular due to their interactive element (tar box, unit drinking glasses, Smokerlyzer, and blood pressure measurement). We also provide informative leaflets for employees to take-away from British Heart Foundation. The Nutritionist encourages employees to participate in the interactive elements and provides advice to help support the employee.

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