Webinar: The sugar balance

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar we discuss the role of sugar – good and bad for health, including:

  • The various types of sugar
  • How to interpret food labels
  • Number of sugar cubes in various foods
  • Glycemic Index/Load
  • Fast sugar releasing food for exercise
  • Slower sugar releasing foods for sustainable energy
  • A low GI/L eating plan

Expert Speaker


Anjanette Fraser

Registered Nutritionist in the final stages of MSc Nutritional Medicine at University of Surrey.

Anjanette’s first degree is Business Studies at Bristol, then followed a career in Corporate Finance (Mergers & Acquisitions) at PricewaterhouseCoopers London. In 2001 a new chapter began with a move to Australia to study nutrition.

Upon qualification Anjanette moved back to the UK and has been advising employees on all things nutrition since 2005. She is in the final stages of an MSc in Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University to make sure webinar content is kept up to date, scientific, and relevant.

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