Nutrition Seminars by The Natural Alternative

Informative & interactive 45 min-1 hour nutrition seminars improving employee health awareness. Written and conducted by our nutritionists with the minimum of a Nutrition degree, our bite-size seminars demonstrate the importance of nutrition in health

  • Improving energy & concentration
    Whats Included:
    Blood sugar balance
    Why balance blood sugar?
    Causes of low energy & concentration
    Avoiding the highs & lows
    Improvements you can make with food
    Meal suggestions
    Nutrition specifics
  • Improving resilience
    Whats Included:
    Improving resilience to stress
    Physiological response to stress
    Building resilience tips
    Dealing with stress
    Nutrition specifics for stress
  • Understanding food labels
    Whats Included:
    Labeling regulations
    Traffic light codes
    Eat well plate
    Helping you to 5-a-day
    Guideline Daily Amounts
    Saturated fats
    Fruit, veg & whole grains
  • Supporting your immunity
    Whats Included:
    How immunity is challenged
    How good nutrition can help
    Other ways to support immunity
  • Anti-ageing
    Whats Included:
    Using nutrition to slow the ageing process
    Oxidative stress
    Top tips
  • Insomnia
    Whats Included:
    What’s keeping you awake?
    Sleep cycle
    Sleep facts
    Sleep friendly chemistry
    Too much cortisol?
    Will alcohol help you sleep?
    Sleep friendly nutrition tips
  • Superfoods
    Whats Included:
    What is a superfood?
    Which ones are they?
    Slide on each superfood
  • Healthy on the inside
    Whats Included:
    Food intolerances, IBS, gastritis, indigestion
    Anatomy & physiology of digestion
    Where it can go wrong
    Food intolerances
    Gut/Brain link
  • Heart health
    Whats Included:
    Improving heart health
    Angina, heart attacks & strokes
    Lowering blood pressure with nutrition
    Reducing cholesterol with nutrition
    Alcohol, diet, exercise & smoking
    Top Tips
  • Cancer awareness
    Whats Included:
    Guide to preventing & helping fight cancer
    Why immunity is important
    Cancer causing foods
    Risk factors
    Preventing cancer
  • Smoking cessation
    Whats Included:
    Rebuilding lost nutrition and assistance to quit
    Why smoke?
    Why quit?
    Cigarette timescale
    One way to beat the habit
    Before you quit
    Smoking & vitamin C
    Nutritional supplements
    Top tips
  • Nutrition 101
    Whats Included:
    Portion control
    Balancing proteins, carbohydrates & fats
    Understanding food labels
    Guide to 5-a-day
  • Alcohol awareness
    Whats Included:
    How many is too many?
    The hidden contents
    The calorific effect
    Effect on; sport, fertility, skin, brain, appearance
    Love your liver
    Tips to help you cut down
  • Tips for the party season
    Whats Included:
    Starting the New Year in better condition
    The importance of breakfast and protein snacks
    Practical food suggestions
    How to tell if you’re dehydrated
    Calorie content in drinks
    Tips to love your liver

Health and wellbeing is a hot topic. With the majority of us stating that work is the main source of stress in our lives, the time has come to do something about it.

Keeping healthy, being active and eating the right foods is essential. But with so much choice, it can be tough knowing what is the healthiest option. Our nutrition seminars are available throughout the UK, and are helping employees to steer through the latest nutrition gossip. Instead, we guide them toward focusing on simple, scientific facts.

Informative and fun nutrition seminars 

Healthy eating seminars can sometimes leave people feeling like they have a mountain to climb. We believe however that small changes worked into your daily routine over time will all culminate to have a positive effect on your health.

This is why we approach our nutrition seminars differently. Using bite-sized sessions, we concentrate on the important aspects of being healthier, allowing time for people to ask questions and become involved in the session. To find out more and to start creating nutrition seminars for your employees, get in touch with our team.

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    What our Clients Think

    Great seminar, really informative. Presenter was engaging and knowledgeable and open to questions from attendees giving good advice and information on specific queries. All attendees provided great feedback and we would highly recommend this type of seminar to another business.