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Informative & interactive 45 min-1 hour seminars/webinars improving employee health awareness.

Written and conducted by Nutritionists with the minimum of a Nutrition degree, our bite-size seminars demonstrate the importance of nutrition in health.

Popular subjects include:

Plus bespoke workshops to meet your requirements.

Health and wellbeing is a hot topic and with the majority of us stating that work is the main source of stress in our lives, the time has come to do something about it.

Keeping healthy, being active and eating the right foods is essential but with so much choice, it can be tough knowing what is the healthiest option. Our nutrition seminars are available thoughout the UK helping employees to steer through the latest nutrition gossip and instead focusing on scientific facts made simple.

Informative and fun nutrition seminars 

Healthy eating seminars can sometimes leave people feeling like they have a mountain to climb. We believe however that small changes worked into your daily routine over time will all culminate to have a positive effect on your health.

This is why we approach our nutrition seminars differently. Using bite-sized sessions, we concentrate on the important aspects of being healthier, allowing time for people to ask questions and become involved in the session.

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