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Our Prices start from:

Seminar Prices


Informative and interactive 45min sessions held over lunchtime to encourage employee health awareness.

£200 per hour

eLearning Prices


Our seminars now available on demand. Watch, rewind and pause at your convenience.

£200 per seminar topic.

Health Checks Prices

Health Checks

(42 appointments per day)
includes; cholesterol test, blood sugar test & results report.

(28 appointments per day)
includes; cholesterol test, blood sugar test, BMI, waist:hip ratio & results report.

(21 appointments per day)
includes; cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, waist:hip ratio, body fat %, visceral fat, metabolic rate, metabolic age, muscle mass, hydration, bone mass.

£550 per day

Wellbeing events Prices

Wellbeing events

An opportunity for companies to provide employees with access to health professionals at an economical price.

£300 half day
£500 full day (per activity)

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Providing high quality, informative health screening and nutritional advice to your employees need not be expensive. At the Natural Alternative, we want as many companies as possible to have access to some of the best advice which is why our packages are so competitively priced.

Employees can find out basic health information about themselves – an individual health check-up cost can be high but with our onsite approach, it will be far more affordable per head.

Nutritional advice can be expensive but not with our service – our nutritionist consultation cost is one of the most competitive you will find anywhere in the country.

Get the best package for your people with low health screening cost

Looking after employee health and wellbeing is valuing them, providing information which is informative and convenient.
With our services, you can help your employees make better choices. Call 0844 870 0741 today or use our contact us page to find out more.