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Four words used by clients to describe our workplace health checks:

Health checks are a vital part of any organisations health & wellbeing strategy, helping to generate ROI statistics, improving morale, reducing absenteeism, and improving productivity.

10 minute appointments (42 appointments per day) 15 minute appointments (28 appointments per day)
Cholesterol Cholesterol
Blood sugar (Diabetes) Blood sugar (Diabetes)
Blood pressure Blood pressure
  Waist: Hip ratio

Appointments are conducted by our qualified health professionals who will provide the results to the employee during the appointment, and also give advice on how to improve results - not just leave the employee in the dark. Referrals are made to GPs where results are outside the acceptable range.

We provide you with our online complementary booking system to remove all the administration hassle, and posters to help promote the on-site health screenings.

Clients love our professionalism and pricing inviting us back each year:

A busy day can turn into busy weeks and months. With no time to check for crucial health indicators such as high cholesterol - which has no danger signs or symptoms. Many employees are relieved they have an opportunity to have an MOT without having to take time away from the office - they may be healthy / unhealthy but how do they know? 

Companies and businesses of all sizes have realised that they need to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle choices to their employees but can be at a loss as how to do this.

This is where we come in! With our range of events and packages, a company health check is only a phone call away.
Even better, on-site health screening is not only cost effective but simple and easy to organise.
We have two packages available:

10-minute appointments with tests for blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure

15-minute appointments which include the same tests as the 10min appointments plus the addition of BMI and waist:hip ratio measurement

We won’t leave the employee in the dark – our health professional will provide advice on how to improve the individuals results.

Employees leave with their results card at the end of the appointment and Management receive a complementary report with our findings and recommendations.

Bespoke health information

All feedback and test results are confidential to the employee, who can choose to divulge the information or not.

Tailored employee health screening checks on-site

No two businesses are the same and no two people react the same to stressors on their health. This is why we tailor all employee health screening sessions to suit your team and their needs.

Company health checks are conducted on-site.To find out more about our corporate health check-ups offered nationwide, call us today on 0844 870 0741.