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Our bite-size staff nutrition seminars online are perfect for breakfast or lunchtime sessions. Promoting good health is something that forward thinking companies have been doing for some time.

After the seminars we find many people like to think about what they just heard and would like to know more or re-visit the session. This is why we place all our seminar information and material online.

More reasons why online staff nutrition seminars can work for you're business

With a growing number of topics, our nutrition online service is popular with employees. People will have questions they may not be comfortable asking, or they might want to know more about a certain aspect of wellbeing. By making the content available, our seminar online service is well-like and used.

With each video lasting around 15 minutes, you could catch up over lunch or during your morning break.

Please contact us for access to the seminar videos.

Improving energy trailerPreview trailer - Improving Energy and Concentration

Most of us suffer from uncomfortable digestion at some point. In this session we look at food intolerances, IBS, gastritis, & indigestion and the role of nutrition.

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Boosting Your Immunity

Using Nutrition to help banish colds and bugs. This session includes brief overview of the immune system, the challenges it faces, and which are the essential nutrients to boost immunity. Also includes information on natural antibiotics.

Improving Energy & Concentration

Mastering blood sugar control is essential to enhance energy and concentration. Sugar is the only fuel used by the brain – but which is the right type of sugar? This session also includes meals & snack suggestions.


Are they really that super? We look at which foods are classed as superfoods, their nutritional value and when is the best time to eat them.

Smoking Cessation

Many nutrients are lost when smoking. We look at the main nutrients and how to rebuild your reserves. Also includes the link between nicotine and dopamine, and provide advice through the quitting process.

Stress Management

We can't change the stress but we can improve our resilience. This session includes the human physiological response to stress, the role of endorphins, which vitamins & minerals are depleted when stressed and which foods can top them up.


The role of nutrition in slowing the ageing process, including why antioxidants are so important and how to obtain them. We also look at dementia and the effect of nutrition on the brain.

Eating on the Go

Simple meal and snack suggestions for busy people. Learn how to balance blood sugar to avoid energy and mood highs and lows.

Heart Health

Nutrition advice on how to improve heart health including the role of nutrition in blood pressure, cholesterol and the lesser known homocysteine. Includes tips on improving heart health.

Understanding Food Labels

A guide to interpreting food labels and what to really look for if you are concerned about weight, lowering blood pressure or cholesterol. Also includes a guide on portion control and simple ways to 5-a-day.

Cancer Awareness

Nutrition guide to try to help prevent & fight cancer. Includes the importance of immunity, the role of antioxidants, foods which may be linked to cancer and some which may be protective.

Nutrition Top 5

The top tips to better Nutrition including portion control, balancing carbohydrates, protein & fats, understanding food labels, simple ways to 5-a-day and the importance of hydration.

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