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PwC wellbeing report published today

7th Jul 2017

PwC report published today provides scary/interesting reading. Although employers appear to be taking up the health & wellbeing mantle, there's still plenty room for improvement.

34% employees have a health & wellbeing issue, 54% companies don't offer health benefits such as health screening, and 39% have taken time off work because of their health....

Is your sleep disrupted by visits to the loo?

31st Mar 2017

Frequent waking in the night linked to high salt intake. 

Are health & wellbeing awards worth it?

20th Feb 2017

Health & wellbeing awards certainly do have a place in promoting organisations to be a great place to work – in terms of new recruits and retention. 

Banishing colds with vitamin D

17th Feb 2017

Vitamin D has another 15mins of fame - first it was reducing bone and muscle pain, now it's improving immunity. Can this vitamin really pack such a big punch?

Kids cereals contain half daily recommended intake of sugar

3rd Jan 2017

Scarily the National Diet and Nutrition Survey found kids have consumed half their recommended sugar intake by the time they finish breakfast - that's 3 cubes (11g sugar) before school! Worryingly 8/10 innocent parents believed their kids were having healthy breakfasts.

Sleep deprivation costing economy £40bn year

1st Dec 2016

People who have less than 6 hours sleep per night are 13% more likely to die earlier than those getting 7-9 hours per night. Reduced sleep also impacts productivity and increases absence the survey of 62,000 people found.

Smartphones and tablets affect sleep even when turned off

11th Nov 2016

A scientific review identified a strong association with childrens bedtime device use and inadequate sleep quantity, poor sleep quality and excessive daytime sleepiness. Worryingly, children who had access to, but did not use the devices at night were also susceptib

Sports drinks - friend or foe?

8th Nov 2016

Are sports drinks really making a positive impact on your physical performance?

Long commuting linked to poor diet

7th Oct 2016

Long commuting = poor diet. We now spend on average 56mins commuting each day, and a 29% increase in fast food consumption as a result of tired weary hungry commuters snacking on convenient foods.

Maximum impact on a small health & wellbeing budget

30th Sep 2016

Small health & wellbeing budget? Want to reach a large diverse audience for as little as £200? This is what Coke said "the Blog achieved the biggest reach of any previous company blog and gained highest interaction we have ever seen with the 12,000 strong workforce across Europe.."