Presenteeism – are you working when you’re ill?

woman blowing nose

survey of 2,000 working people found presenteeism a problem with 46% still going to work when they were ill. Health concerns include: backache (84%), eye strain (42%), migraine (27%)

Speak to your HR/OH/Health & Safety department to understand what they and you can do to reduce the negative impact on your health and the companies bottom line. It could be subsidised weekly onsite massage/physio to resolve backache and improve mood, reassess your DSE audit for correct posture and workstation setup, or a first aid room where you can go for some quiet and darkness to assist in migraine relief.

With the sudden drop in temperatures and Winter approaching let’s also spare a thought for colleagues and leave the infections at home – try to make work a bug free zone! Our Boosting Your Immunity seminar is always popular this time of year to help reduce the severity and duration of colds – a worthwhile investment for any workforce!

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