Maximum impact on a small health & wellbeing budget

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Want to reach a large diverse audience with a budget as little as £250?

Here’s what Coke said about our Follow the Leader programme:

“I (Coke Sales Director) worked with the team at Natural Alternative to help, advise and coach me on my six month personal wellbeing journey that I brought to life through a company blog.The 1-2-1 sessions were outstanding and gave the programme real depth, providing the blog with great content from current health topics in the media to very usable and scaleable tips and techniques that the wider team could adopt. The Blog achieved the biggest reach of any previous company blog and gained the highest interaction we had ever seen with the 12,000 strong workforce across Europe. The Net result an engaged team with health and wellbeing much higher on the daily agenda, from a personal perspective I’m fitter, happier, lighter and more knowledgeable with a fresh new outlook on wellbeing and the foundation for long term sustained behaviour change.”

Unsurprisingly Coke also scored us 100% in all feedback criteria.

If you’d like to reach out to all your employees to improve their health it can be done for as little as £200. Email to find out more details about our Follow the Leader programme. Why not learn more about our other health programmes – perfect for any workforce.

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