There’s much to be said for remote working – more flexible working hours, avoiding the commute, starting work before you’d usually get into the office and finishing earlier, less interruptions from colleagues.

For some employees, remote working can be a challenge. So here’s our top tips to support employees working remotely;

Top tips

  1. Set an alarm to remind you to take regular breaks
  2. Get dressed before you start work, resist temptation to stay in night clothes
  3. Stretch your legs at least once during working hours – a walk around the block, a 15min stretching, or an exercise programme
  4. Make a smoothie at breakfast time which can be kept in a fridge or a flask as a healthy snack
  5. Resist temptation to snack regularly. Keep to regular meals and avoid unnecessary snacks (if it’s not there you can’t eat it!)
  6. Grocery shop when you’re not hungry to avoid impulse unnecessary snack purchases
  7. Avoid doing household chores by planning in advance which chores you’ll do on which days
  8. Work usual working hours. Social calls or errands can be run when you would usually commute
  9. Choose to work somewhere with lots of natural light. Dim light can induce release of melatonin making you feel sleepy
  10. Invest in a light box lamp which you can work next to for an hour each day to improve mood
  11. Set a designated work space and investigate if your employer can conduct a workspace assessment to optimise comfort
  12. If you have more than one phone, leave non-work phones out of sight so you’re not tempted to check every message received
  13. Set regular catch-up calls with managers and co-workers to keep updated on projects and tasks
  14. Keep a list of work progress on a daily basis to help provide this information if requested by managers
  15. Check if employer can provide you with all the technology you require (wifi, noise cancelling headphones, work phone, wireless keyboard, monitor)
  16. Do you work better in silence or white noise?
  17. Plan to tackle more complex tasks during your more productive times
  18. Schedule in some fitness time – working remotely can increase sedentary behaviour
  19. Plan meals a week in advance so you have the ingredients you require to make nutritious lunch and evening meal
  20. Set a time when you officially log-off for the evening


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A reminder:

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  • The information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.
  • If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you should consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet, and;
  • Some supplements may interact with medications and you should check with your GP before commencing any supplement programme.
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