PwC wellbeing report published today

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PwC report published today provides scary/interesting reading. Although employers appear to be taking up the health & wellbeing mantle, there’s still plenty room for improvement.

34% employees have a health & wellbeing issue, 54% companies don’t offer health benefits such as health screening, and 39% have taken time off work because of their health….

Budget on a shoestring is no longer an excuse – for £550 per day you can have 42 onsite health screening appointments. Or for an even smaller budget £200 gets you an hour health seminar on a variety of topics with an unlimited audience. If hassle and time constraints are the restriction we also offer our free online booking tool.

Budget and time are no longer excuses – we’ve been in business for 12 years honing our skills making your day easier, just ask our clients; BP, Avis Budget, ICAEW, Lindt, Louis Vuitton, and many SMEs.

Here’s a link to the PwC report

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