Attention all #neurodiversity advocates and health enthusiasts! Here is how to nourish neurodiversity.

From autism to ADHD, dyslexia to dyspraxia, proper nutrition can help people with diverse neurological profiles to thrive.

It’s our newest webinar. I’m loving the research and can’t wait to share the following in the webinar;

🧠 the common digestive problems many people with ASD experience
🧠 the foods to eat more to avoid the common ASD nutrient deficiencies (omega-3, vitamin D, B6, and calcium)
🧠 how to increase the range of foods eaten
🧠 which food additives and allergens may create behaviour symptoms

As we continue to learn more about the gut-brain connection, it’s becoming increasingly clear that what we eat can have a profound impact on how our brains function.

So let’s prioritize nourishing our minds and bodies with the nutrients they need to thrive!

If your workplace supports neurodiversity you may wish to get in touch to find out more. Contact us

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