male mental health

Is depression different for men?

Some symptoms are more common in men – irritability, risk-taking, sudden anger, and aggression.

These are not exclusive to men though.

Men are less likely to talk and more likely to reach for alcohol or drugs for support.

If you suspect someone is struggling, here’s how you could help;

👍 Listen without judgment
👍 Keep in contact
👍 Encourage reaching out to their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) at work for anonymous support.

You may also want to look into Men’s Sheds in their local area.

Men’s Sheds is a great initiative an attendee shared with me during one of the Men’s Health webinars I delivered a couple of years ago. Men’s Health is still one of my most popular webinars.

In Men’s Health webinar we talk about male mental health, and we also talk about heart health and prostate health.

That’s three BIG areas of male health.

I’ve heard many men take action after the webinar, I think that’s a lot to do with the ‘male mid-life checklist’ slide. The tests you should be asking your Doctor for.

What’s your organisation doing to support #Movember

Contact if you would like further information about Men’s Health webinar.

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