Looking for inspiration for your meals?

Be honest, we all are…..

Bored of the same things on repeat.

Cooking more than one meal just to keep the peace.

Let me reduce the stress. Below, I’ve included the meal planner I share with attendees during Healthy Eating for Less webinar/seminar.

I’m a fan of one pot, little faff, and basic store cupboard ingredients.

I know if you eat a balanced diet with lots of variety you’ll perform better at work and in sport.

The meal planner isn’t prescriptive, it’s to give you inspiration. A different meal for each day of the week.

Nutrition is one of the key pillars of health. If you’re a wellbeing champion in your workplace do you include nutrition in your programme?

This week I’ll be sharing some nutrition tips as part of #HealthyEatingWeek with an emphasis on affordability for everyone.

You can find examples of our other webinars/seminars here https://www.natural-alternative.co.uk/nutrition-webinars/ 


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