Age is just a number, but for many women who are 40+ and approaching/during menopause there’s an opportunity to be in great health with the help of some nutrients.

Which areas of health would you like to focus on?

Here are some simple food ideas to incorporate most days:

Brain fog

B12 (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, fortified foods). Used in creation of red blood cell to help carry oxygen.

Chromium (supplement). Blood sugar regulation

Mental health

Vitamin D3 (sunshine, oily fish, egg yolk). Assists with serotonin production

Omega-3 EPA & DHA (oily fish, algal oil). Transporters of serotonin the feel good neurotransmitter

B vitamins (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wholegrains, legumes). Creation of neurotransmitters

Magnesium (spinach, legumes, nuts, seeds). Relaxing mineral to help calm over active mind


Omega-3 (oily fish, algal oil). Reduce cholesterol.


Calcium (dairy, nuts, seeds). Create a strong bone matrix

Vitamin D3 (sunshine, oily fish, egg yolk). Permits calcium into bones


Chromium (supplement). Blood sugar regulation.

B vitamins (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wholegrains, legumes). Convert food to energy.

Hair, skin, & nails

Zinc (seafood, fish, eggs, dairy). Creation of keratin for strong nails, reduce hair loss, collagen production, wound healing.

Vitamin C (red pepper, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes). Required for collagen creation.


Where you can, include as many plant sources as possible to give you breadth of nutrients. Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

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