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How to quit sugar

  • Set yourself reasonable targets based on halving your sugar intake each week until you have none. For example, if you normally have two sugars in your tea, have one in the first week, and half a teaspoonful in the second week.
  • Switch to xylitol so that you don’t have the blood sugar rush.
  • Take a supplement containing 5-HTP (100mg) as well as chromium (200mcg x 2) with Cinnulin for supporting blood sugar balance. Also have half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a drink, on your cereal or smoothies such as Get Up & Go.
  • If you are craving sugar, first have a large glass of water, then a piece of fruit with some nuts or seeds (eating protein with carbohydrate keeps your blood sugar level even).
  • Always eat breakfast. You are aiming for three meals and two snacks a day. By eating little and often you help support your blood sugar balance. These are basic principles in my low GL diet. [https:// www.patrickholford.com/topic/low-gl]
  • Minimise caffeine and alcohol, as these both affect your blood sugar.

Get more advice for yourself and your staff by looking into a health and nutrition workshop.

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