Everyone likes an award ceremony – and no more so when the hard work you put in results in a win! So yes, we’re shouting about our involvement helping CGI win CIPD Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative Award 2018.

The CGI health and wellbeing programme is called Oxygen, which offers a holistic approach to health. Every year CGI compile results from online employee questionnaires to make sure they continue to target the areas of interest. To meet the diverse audience requirements the information is communicated through podcasts, health topics at the beginning of team meetings, newsletters, and online forums. Employees are also encouraged to share their mental health experiences with online blogs – our involvement here was providing nutrition consultations with some employees who shared their journey through blogs with the rest of the company.

We’ve worked with CGI for many years, providing onsite health checks at their various offices throughout the UK. With each office visit comes a reserve list – there literally are more people wanting health screening that we can schedule for that day. In many of the offices we are there for 2-3 days facilitating; blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI and waist:hip ratio tests. The health screening is considered one of the major events of the CGI health & wellbeing calendar and a very valued service.

“Following my health check which showed I had very high blood pressure I’m now on medication to control it.  As someone who rarely has need to visit a doctor it could have been years/decades until I had a blood pressure test and this issue identified.  But hopefully this early intervention will help prevent all the serious issues associated with long term blood pressure.  And it’s all thanks to you and the checks you provide for us at work.”

We’ve also facilitated webinars for CGI with audience numbers always exceeding 100 at the time and more accessing the recording later. Topics have included; Cancer awareness, Boosting Immunity, Superfoods, and more recently Understanding Menopause – 52% of the audience were male! This is a fantastic result for us and CGI, showing real interest and a diverse audience engaging in the topics we bring to them.

2018 has been another great year for CGI with the CIPD award topping it, so what about your company’s health and wellbeing goal for 2019? We’re available to support you with health screening days, events  and webinars, so contact us info@natural-alternative.co.uk.

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