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As health professionals concerned about food quality and quantity, we think the Government plan is a step in the right direction but we must also recognise obesity is not just about food – exercise is fundamental for optimum weight, improved mood and emotional wellbeing. A combination of both is surely beneficial.

Scarily 84% of parents surveyed in a recent study thought they were giving their children a healthy start to the day. This is understandible when looking at the bright coloured cereal boxes in supermarket breakfast aisle. Marketing is extremely powerful – branding products with “extra fruit” which often is dried fruit and very sweet. A healthier option would be to choose a product with the least amount of fruit, and instead add fruit ourselves. Spreads on toast could also be improved – adding jam or marmalade on toast is adding sugar on sugar. A healthier option would be adding a nut butter (almond, cashew, peanut are all available in supermarkets).

Making exercise part of childrens every day routine would be hugely beneficial. Many reports now suggest HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) is beneficial particularly when children do not spend long periods of time exercising. HIIT exercises are available for free to download and can be viewed on most devices instead of sitting down to play games on them.

Here’s a link to the BBC response

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