Fresh or frozen, which is more nutrient dense?

Fresh or frozen, which is more nutrient dense?

It may surprise you.

And it will save you money!

As a Registered Nutritionist I’m all about ways to maximise your health in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

It’s #HealthyEatingWeek and each day I’ll be sharing tips to improve your nutrition.

Todays slide is from my Healthy Eating for Less webinar/seminar.

It always creates a few comments in the Q&A.

Yes, frozen really can be better than fresh. In the webinar I’ll explain why (limited by word limit here, and you know I like to tell a story!).

Even better, frozen is a fraction of the price!

Take a look at the table below for vitamin C content in fresh and frozen foods – did any surprise you?

Not sure how to incorporate them?

🍓 2 fruit smoothie (try frozen spinach too)
🍓 stir-fry vegetable omelet
🍓 fruit crumble
🍓 fruit, Greek yogurt + granola
🍓 one pot stews

Let me know if you’d like me to share some nutrition tips at your workplace.

Here’s some of our other nutrition webinars/seminars for your workplace

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