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A IGD report published today summarises an important nutrition trend – 67% of people eat out at least once per week, and in a survey of over 9,000 people:

  • 39% said health was a top priority when choosing lunch
  • 34% were put off outlets because the food wasn’t healthy enough
  • 31% would eat out more often if healthier options were more easily available
  • 30% wanted more vegetarian options

The trend shows people are increasingly eating out and would like to eat a little healthier when they do eat out. For many, healthier food choices are the stumbling block.

Here’s a link to the full IGD report.

Healthier eating out

Our nutrition advice if you want to be a little healthier when eating out:

  • have a glass of water/milk before you go for a meal. This may reduce strong hunger pangs which may result in unhealthy selection
  • if eating later in the evening choose a lighter meal e.g. fish, eggs, vegetarian
  • cut down on the carbohydrates in evening meal particularly if you have eaten lots of carbohydrates (cereal, bread, pasta, rice) earlier in the day
  • avoid cheese and rich sauces, instead choose tomato based sauces
  • choose deserts with less butter and sugar e.g. sorbet instead of ice-cream
  • awareness of the amount of ’empty’ calories in alcohol. A small glass of red wine could be considered medicinal, but more than this may adversely affect your health and quality of sleep
  • check the food labels. If you have no health concerns go for the item with the most protein. But is blood pressure is a concern choose something with the least amount of salt. If cholesterol is a problem pick something with less saturated fat. If Diabetes is a concern pick something with the least amount of carbohydrates of which is sugar.
  • enjoy the occasion, don’t rush

Learn about this and more during one of our nutrition webinars or seminars. Why not educate your workplace too? Organise a corporate health screening to make employees more aware of their own health.





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