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Kids cereals contain half daily recommended intake of sugar

On 3rd Jan 2017

Scarily the National Diet and Nutrition Survey found kids have consumed half their recommended sugar intake by the time they finish breakfast - that's 3 cubes (11g sugar) before school! Worryingly 8/10 innocent parents believed their kids were having healthy breakfasts. 

Time is critical in the morning and it's tough on parents to always make the right decisions, that's where we as qualified Nutritional Therapists can help. Here's what we feed our kids to get them through to lunchtime:

  • Toast (granary/seeded) with nut butter (almond, cashew, peanut)
  • Porridge (soak rolled oats over night in the full fat milk to speed up the cooking in the morning) with some defrosted berries (turns the porridge purple which kids love!)
  • Poached/scrambled/boiled egg on toast (add some mashed/sliced avocado too for good fats for brain food)
  • Healthy pancakes made with 2 whisked eggs and 1/2 mashed banana all combined together and fried for couple minutes each side. Serve with yogurt.
  • Full fat yogurt with fresh fruit

Marketing is making our jobs as parents even more challenging so let our Nutritional Therapists help guide you. To read more about the study click here.