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Health and wellbeing at work made simple

We provide nutrition advice based on science helping both employer and employee to be healthier and happier. We can help improve employee wellbeing in six different ways. You can choose one option or a combination;

Seminars / Webinars – our 45-minute seminars/webinars cover a wide variety of topics that influence corporate wellbeing. Educational and interactive, our seminars inform employees how best to improve and maintain their health. There are currently 20 health topics available to choose from.

Health checks – simple, quick and carried out on site, our health checks give employees a benchmark of their current health and our experts guide them on how to improve results.

Wellbeing events – our events are perfect for the busy office! Choose from a variety of services ranging from a delicious ‘taster table/trolley’ to encourage staff to make better food choices, to individual nutrition consultations.

eLearning – our bite-sized seminars are available as online videos, a great way to access our seminars at employee convenience, and ideal when employees are geographically spread.

Nutrition Company Workshops - Our healthly eating workshops are fun, interactive and informational. A great way to teach large groups of employees about nutrition in the workplace.

Workplace Nutrition Programmes - Employee nutrition programmes help staff make the right nutrition choices. A much more personal approach which combined with an individual health check means we can create a bespoke plan for each staff member to follow.


Investing in employees wellbeing at work

Corporate wellbeing is important to any employer as you want to keep hold of your skilled and valued employees. As well as offering various career and progression opportunities, you will also want to look after them as people, including their health and wellbeing.

Our services offer information and education which is accessible. Understanding how poor food choices impacts on our health is key to making changes that not only benefit the person but productivity too.

Making the right choices

There is no obligation when you contact us to use our services. If corporate wellbeing is important to you & you feel your employees could do with a boost or if you want to make your business an even better place to work, call the Natural Alternative today on 0844 870 0741 or contact us on our contact us page.


Latest News

PwC wellbeing report published today

7th Jul 2017

PwC report published today provides scary/interesting reading. Although employers appear to be taking up the health & wellbeing mantle, there's still plenty room for improvement.

34% employees have a health & wellbeing issue, 54% companies don't offer health benefits such as health screening, and 39% have taken time off work because of their health....

Is your sleep disrupted by visits to the loo?

31st Mar 2017

Frequent waking in the night linked to high salt intake. 

Are health & wellbeing awards worth it?

20th Feb 2017

Health & wellbeing awards certainly do have a place in promoting organisations to be a great place to work – in terms of new recruits and retention. 

Banishing colds with vitamin D

17th Feb 2017

Vitamin D has another 15mins of fame - first it was reducing bone and muscle pain, now it's improving immunity. Can this vitamin really pack such a big punch?

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"The biggest asset your organisation has is its people: the biggest asset they have is their health and wellbeing - so it makes good business sense to look after it." Investors In People

Employee wellbeing at work is important for many reasons. Creating a positive, healthy environment in which to work is key to productivity, as well as employee retention. We know that eating at our desk or ‘on the go’ is not good for us, but we still do it!

Many companies struggle with how to look after and create a sense of wellbeing at work. This is where we can help.